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Private Lessons

Have a project in mind but don’t have the expertise or equipment to execute? Consider booking a private session with one of our talented instructors!

The focus of any given session is up to you. We offer help with design and technical troubles, from concept development to preparing material and beyond. The length of a project depends on its complexity and your experience. You might work with the instructor during all stages of the project from design and planning through to building, or come with a clear plan ready to execute.

No project on the horizon? No problem! Sessions can be geared towards learning and practicing new skills from initial design, building scale models, effective project planning, the use of various hand tools and/or machines, or any number of woodworking techniques.

Our rate for one-on-one classes is $75/hr + HST plus materials. We also offer two-on-one classes for $90/hr + HST if you and a friend would like to take it together ($45/hr each). Groups larger than two are also welcome, simply send us an email.

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In estimating the cost, 4-6 hrs would be a good ball-park for a simple project similar to our dovetail tray class. A more involved project like the side table/bench could take upwards of 40 hours. Its often hard to anticipate until youve spent some time in the shop and mapped out all the processes youll need to carry out. Because professional furniture makers use the shop during the day, one-on-one hours will take place in evenings and on weekends at a time that works both for you and the instructor. You can pay in installments with cash or by e-transfer as the project progresses.